Apple Widens Its Lead Over Lenovo In The U.S., And Four Other Takeaways From Gartner's Q4 PC Report

Vendor Results For 2017 Globally

For 2017 as a whole, HP (with 4.6-percent growth in shipments) and Apple (with 4.1 percent growth) were the two big winners in the worldwide PC market, according to Gartner. Lenovo's shipments declined 2.2 percent, while Dell's shipments were up 1.1 percent, Gartner found. In terms of market share, HP edged out Lenovo with 21 percent market share versus 20.8 percent. Dell's global PC market share in 2017 came in at 15.2 percent, while Apple finished in the No. 4 spot with 7.4 percent of the market. Asus (6.8 percent) and Acer (6.5 percent) followed in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

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