ThousandEyes CEO Talks Cisco ISR Integration, The Need For Partners Helping Customers Move Forward In 'A Cloud-Centric Environment'

Lad On The Record

Mohit Lad launched ThousandEyes in 2013 alongside a team of Ph.D. graduates after seeing that the internet had become the backbone of many enterprises that were relying on something they didn't fully understand. The San Francisco-based company is filling in the gap by building software that monitors internal and external network performance to improve application delivery, infrastructure investments and visibility.

"Customers are moving away from these dedicated MPLS environments into more internet-connected branches," said Lad. ThousandEyes smart agents are deployed across the internet and within an organization to reveal network topologies, dependencies and behavior. The vendor has nabbed customers such as Twitter, eBay and several top U.S. banks, as well as partners such as Dimension Data.

In an interview with CRN, Lad talks about ThousandEyes' market differentiation, integration with Cisco routers and channel strategy.

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