CRN Printer Week 2023

Printer Week 2023

Welcome to Printer Week 2023, CRN’s annual look at the state of the printer market in North America. After two years of work-from-home policies, many employees are now working in offices full-time while others returned with a hybrid work setup.

Many vendors have dealt with component shortages causing backlogs throughout the pandemic. Home printers were stretched to the limit and the paradigm shifted again as office workers began returning at least on a hybrid basis. This shift created a demand for a diverse set of offerings that could complement the changing work landscape.

Check in throughout the week for ongoing analysis of the printer industry along with product roundups featuring the latest offerings from HP Inc., Xerox, Lexmark, Epson, Brother and more.

5 Printer Industry Trends To Know In 2023
CRN talks to representatives at HP Inc., Epson, Brother International Corp., Ricoh, Lexmark and Xerox about the printer industry trends they’re seeing in 2023.

5 Ways Printing Is Becoming More Sustainable
CRN takes a look at five ways printing is becoming more sustainable, from improved toner technology and business changes to forest restoration programs and printer fleet right-sizing.

6 New 3-D Printers With Game-Changing Capabilities
A new level of capabilities is coming to the 3-D printer industry, thanks to a fresh batch of products that includes a system that can create high-quality wood parts with ‘intricate, complex’ designs from sawdust and another that can create tiny modules with ‘impossible’ geometries.

6 Cool Printers Built For The Hybrid Work Era
These new printers from HP, Epson, Brother, Xerox, Canon and Lexmark are addressing a variety of needs for organizations with hybrid workforces, delivering faster output, better manageability, increased security and more ways to handle documents of all kinds.