10 Tools And Platforms For Tackling The Big Data Deluge

As data volumes continue to explode, businesses are looking for more effective ways to manage and analyze all that data for competitive advantage. Here are 10 recently debuted big data management and analytics products that can help.

Turning Big Data Into Big Competitive Wins

There is an increasingly popular saying that every business today is a data business. That’s because just about every company of any size is trying to collect, manage and analyze data for competitive advantage, either through data-driven automated operations or the use of sophisticated data analysis tools.

But such initiatives are a challenge given that the volume of data created and replicated globally, which reached 64.2 zettabytes in 2020, is expected to more than double to over 180 zettabytes by 2025, according to market researcher IDC. What’s more, something like 80 percent of that is unstructured data, including documents, emails and images, that’s difficult to manage and analyze.

Not surprisingly global spending for big data hardware, software and services is expected to grow from $70 billion this year to $103 billion to $103 billion in 2027.

Here’s a look at 10 recently unveiled data management and data analytics software and services products that will help businesses and organizations tackle the big data deluge.

Alteryx Analytics Cloud

Alteryx Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based analytics automation platform that brings analytical insights to a broad swath of users throughout a business or organization. The browser-accessible cloud service combines Alteryx Designer Cloud, Alteryx Machine Learning, Alteryx Auto Insights and the Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud in one unified solution. The service is based on the company’s flagship Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform that unites data analytics, data science and process automation in a single system with low-code/no-code capabilities.

DataStax Astra Streaming

DataStax Astra Streaming is an advanced, fully-managed messaging and event streaming service that provides data streaming, queueing and publish/subscribe capabilities and unifies data-in-motion for large-scale, real-time applications. Astra Streaming is built on Apache Pulsar, a next-generation streaming technology. It offers built-in API-level support for Kafka, RabbitMQ and Java Message Service and utilizes the necessary event semantics to address all data types.

Incorta Data Applications

Incorta extended the capabilities of its flagship business analytics platform with new data applications – pre-built analytic content and integrations – that provide real-time operational analytics using data collected from enterprise applications. The new data applications work with ERP, financial and human resource management systems from Oracle, SAP and Workday. Incorta also offered a new component SDK that partners can use to build custom data applications, data visualizations and other analytical content.

Kyligence Zen

Kyligence Zen is an intelligent metrics store that helps businesses and organizations align business goals and key metrics. The system automates data pipelines from data lakes or data warehouses to a multidimensional OLAP (online analytical processing) database to deliver consistent metrics and trusted data in a cost-effective way. Kyligence Zen is built on top of Kyligence’s high-performance OLAP platform and leverages its AI-augmented engine to automatically identify datasets and metrics.

Matillion Data Loader 2.0

The new edition is a cloud-native, no-code data ingestion platform that provides integrated capabilities across both batch loading and real-time change data capture pipelines. The release simplifies data ingestion processes, lifts the burden of coding and maintaining data pipelines, accelerates time-to-insight, and helps manage data integration costs with a consumption-based pricing model. Data Loader 2.0 is integrated with the flagship Matillion ETL for pre-built transformations.

Snowflake Unistore

Snowflake Unistore processes transactional and analytical data workloads together on a single platform. The Unistore service simplifies and streamlines the development of transactional applications and provides consistent data governance capabilities, high performance and near-unlimited scale.

While transactional and analytical data are traditionally maintained separately in database systems, Unistore expands Snowflake’s data cloud to include transactional use cases.

StarRocks Cloud

StarRocks Cloud is a cloud-native version of the startup’s SQL engine, based on the Apache Doris OLAP database, which provides real-time enterprise analytics as a fully managed software-as-a-service platform. StarRocks delivers sub-second OLAP analysis and supports ad hoc queries three-to-five times faster than other open-source products even where data is frequently updated and deleted. Eliminating the need for de-normalized data tables is key to StarRock’s performance.

Teradata VantageCloud Lake

VantageCloud Lake, based on a new cloud-native architecture, offers high performance and low total-cost-of-ownership for a full spectrum of data analytics workloads including ad hoc, exploratory and departmental tasks. VantageCloud Lake is a self-service offering that brings the enterprise capabilities of Teradata Vantage to a broader, more diverse range of analytical use cases. VantageCloud Lake joins VantageCloud Enterprise as part of the Teradata VantageCloud product line.

ThoughtSpot Teams, Pro Editions

ThoughtSpot Teams and ThoughtSpot Pro expand the breadth of ThoughtSpot’s cloud data analytics software beyond ThoughtSpot Enterprise Edition, the company’s flagship product that’s designed for large-scale deployments. The new Teams Edition is designed for a single user group with an unlimited number of users while the Teams Pro Edition supports up to five user groups with an unlimited number of users.

TIBCO WebFocus 9.0

The new release of the WebFocus business analytics platform includes WebFocus Container Edition, a scalable, microservices-based platform for container-based deployments that simplifies and accelerates on-premises or cloud Kubernetes deployments. WebFocus 9.0 also offers the Hub, which provides users with access to content and data across any device through a workspace and applications directory. And the 9.0 release includes significant enhancements to WebFocus Designer such as a streamlined ability to create, manage and stage datasets when authoring content.