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Eaton Puts Power Into The Hands of MSPs With ConnectWise Integration

O’Ryan Johnson

‘It’s not overly complex and it’s an additional piece of telemetry into the client’s network,’ says Brian Oleksiuk, president Oxygen Technologies, a Canadian MSP that has been using the integration.


Power management giant Eaton said it has created a seamless way for MSPs to make their networks more resilient with less downtime -- by managing their power units inside ConnectWise.

Eaton’s integration with ConnectWise Automate promises a “single pane-of-glass” experience that keeps the MSP’s techs working inside ConnectWise where they handle other service matters, and where they can now monitor and control the Eaton units that deliver the uninterrupted power supplies which keep the networks running.

‘It’s not overly complex and it’s an additional piece of telemetry into the client’s network,” said Brian Oleksiuk, president Oxygen Technologies, an MSP in Winnipeg that has been using the integration.

With the integration, Oxygen is able to configure devices, generate tickets, and alerts, arming technicians with immediate notice when problems arise.

“An MSP can’t have too much data. We are in the data business. Any MSP who says they have too much data has a problem with their process,” Oleksiuk told CRN.

Oleksiuk said Oxygen and Eaton have worked together for years to make this integration work well for MSPs and he’s excited to see it go live. He said the integration makes it easier to sell “power as a service” by feeding Eaton’s data directly into the MSP’s operational platform.

‘That’s the secret sauce,” Oleksiuk said.


Mike Jackson, global director of offer management, data centers, at Eaton, said customers trust MSPs with their network integrity, and interruptions to the network as well as downtime fracture those relationships.

“Any downtime to critical IT systems can not only impact business operation but also damage MSPs’ relationships with their customers,” he said in a statement. “By integrating our IPM software with ConnectWise, we’re equipping MSPs with a tool to strengthen that trust by enhancing uptime and improving business continuity in the event of unplanned power events.”

The integration is a feature of Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite, IPM disaster avoidance software. It is designed to give MSPs better visibility and control over the power infrastructure that backs up their networks.

The software makes it easier to automate processes and configure Eaton’s power units. It also provides the visibility and context to keep the equipment that networks depend on up and running from anywhere, Eaton said.

Dublin, Ireland-based Eaton also recently launched new LXP-P series offerings, saying the products are a leap forward for lithium-ion battery capabilities in its UPSes.

The new UPSes are comprised of lightweight battery cabinets with pre-installed batteries using lithium-ion phosphate technology that enables users in large facilities across industries to effectively leverage lithium-ion UPS offerings to protect critical infrastructure from outages.

O’Ryan Johnson

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