Dell Launches New AWS, Azure Multi-Cloud Security Solutions

‘It has allowed us to build this new practice around providing those cloud services to deliver end-to-end implementation on all of these cloud-integrated Dell Products,’ says Rick Gouin, chief technology officer at Winslow Technology Group.


Dell Technologies is doubling down on forming strategic cybersecurity partnerships with the world’s largest public cloud players Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to help channel partners unlock the “full potential” of multi-cloud by integrating its PowerProtect data protection and replication solution with AWS and Azure.

At Dell Technologies World today, Dell released Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure, as well as CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS. The apparent thaw between Dell and its cloud rivals over the past few years is driving new lines of business for its partners, as well as simplifying the cloud journey for end-users.

Dan O’Brien, senior vice president of technology solutions at Presidio, said the leading provider of servers, storage and hyperconverged infrastructure is better enabling partners to capture more business by creating technology partnerships and integrations with AWS and Azure.

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“It really enables us because we’re going into our customers and saying ‘How do I solve this for you with the least amount of people overhead and cost overhead, but also assure that you can actually be up and running in the event that something happens,” he said. “Having the ability to to say ‘Hey. We’ve got integrations with the public cloud.’ And having both Azure and Amazon being there hits a lot of the customers workload needs. So you need that flexibility, because customers have contracts or preferences to do business with one or the other.”

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The new Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure will allow organizations to deploy an isolated cyber vault in the Azure public cloud to more securely protect and isolate data away from a ransomware attack, with the goal of improving cyber resiliency and reducing the impact of cyberattacks. The Dell Azure solution provides flexible recovery options in the event of a cyberattack including recovery within the data center, in a new Azure private network, or in an unimpacted Azure environment.

Dell’s new CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS offering allows customers to use adaptive analytics, scan metadata and complete files, as well as implement machine learning and forensic tools to detect, diagnose and speed data recovery. The solution monitors files and databases to determine if a cyberattack has occurred and identify the last known uncorrupted copy of data to speed a more secure and confidential recovery.

Dell To Partners: ‘Unlock’ Full Potential Of Multi-Cloud

Sam Grocott, senior vice president of product marketing at Dell Technologies, said customers will have the ability to subscribe and manage Dell’s infrastructure and technology through one of its cloud ecosystem partners.

“Our customers have their data and applications spread across everywhere,” Grocott said. “Whether it is in their own data centers, across colocation facilities, the public cloud, and increasingly we are seeing it in the edge. As our customers describe what they would like to see moving forward, it’s really striking that balance between the ease of use and agility of the public cloud, and being able to have that across every location.”

This is part of Dell’s commitment to two “fundamental criteria” it has identified for doing multi-cloud in a way that serves everyone’s interests, Grocott said.

“The first is being able to deliver your software and services anywhere and everywhere and delivering that cloud experience consistently, whether your information is on premises or off premises, is really fundamental to our strategy … that ultimately gives our customers control over how their multi-cloud environments are being used and deployed,” he said. “The second key area is the build out of a stronger multi-cloud ecosystem. That really empowers our customers to give them the freedom of choice to unlock their full potential for multi-cloud.”

With the rise in demand for solutions that merge Dell’s on-premise hardware with public cloud capabilities among his customers, Rick Gouin—chief technology officer at Winslow Technology Group, a Waltham, Mass.-based Dell partner —said his company has developed a service practice that deploys cloud solutions from end-to-end.

“Traditional implementation of solutions, where an engineer would come onsite and install a box, isn’t enough anymore,” Gouin said. “We also now need expertise in the hyperscaler cloud, so that we can securely and efficiently deploy the components that live in the private cloud, or in their on-premises datacenter and combine that into one cohesive solution. It’s allowed us to build this new practice around providing those cloud services to deliver end-to-end implementation on all of these cloud integrated Dell products.”

Both CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS and Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure will be globally available in the second half of 2022.