HP Unveils New LaserJet Printers, Copiers For Businesses Of All Sizes

Xavier Garcia, global head of office print hardware at HP, tells CRN that the new Color LaserJet printers and copiers present new opportunities for partners to refresh aging devices and increase profitability through services due to improved repairability and monitoring software.


HP Inc. has unveiled new Color LaserJet printers and copiers that are designed for enterprises as well as small businesses embracing “hybrid workstyles.”

The PC and print giant unveiled the new HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000, 6000, X500 and X600 series for enterprises alongside the HP Color LaserJet 4200 and 4300 products for small businesses Wednesday at the 2023 Amplify Partner Conference in Chicago.

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The new printers and copiers use the new HP TerraJet toner cartridge technology, which the company said offers the “most sustainable and the highest-performance office printing HP has ever achieved.” This is because the toner technology requires 27 percent less energy while printing, uses 78 percent less plastic and provides 20 percent more printable colors when compared with the company’s previous toners.

New Opportunities for Channel Partners

Xavier Garcia, global head and general manager of office print hardware at HP, told CRN that the new printers and copiers serve the needs of businesses with a variety of office footprints, opening new refresh opportunities for channel partners.

“Many businesses are changing the layouts of their offices or even changing offices [to be] smaller, so this is a scalable portfolio. We give them this flexibility to choose between a desktop A4 up to a floor-standing A3 printer,” he said.

Garcia pointed to the LaserJet Enterprise 5000 and 6000 devices as the biggest opportunity for HP’s partners because of how they compare with other products in its portfolio.

“The competitiveness of the 6000 with similar or identical, in many cases, capabilities as the A3 portfolio with a very competitive cost-per-copy will enable our channel partners to deploy A3 and A4 based really on what are the actual needs of customers,” he said.

The LaserJet Enterprise 5000 and 6000 series also present an opportunity to improve profitability through services, according to Garcia. This is because of how easy it is to replace most of the device’s parts and HP’s Smart Device Services (SDS) remote monitoring system.

“We have been working a lot on the serviceability of this product with 80 percent of the parts that can be changed in less than five minutes. And that together with our SDS remote monitoring system can give our channel partners an opportunity to reduce those costs and then improve the profitability of the service part of the relationship to the customer,” he said.

New HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Series

With the new Color LaserJet Enterprise devices providing the “productivity and efficiency of an A3 copier at the cost of an A4 printer,” HP said they enable customers to “customize without sacrificing power, productivity or security.”

HP also said the LaserJet Enterprise 5000, 6000, X500 and X600 offer “the industry’s fastest A4 color LaserJet speeds” and “industry-first customization with configure-to-order paper handling,” among other options.

The printers and copiers also come with digital editing capabilities accessible from the control screen, allowing users to highlight, redact and mark up documents without a PC.

In addition, the vendor is promising that the new devices will never miss a scanned page and reduce the chances of misfeeds with the HP EveryPage with Reverse and Retry feature.

HP is promising that it has the “world’s most secure printing” by equipping the LaserJet Enterprise series with its HP Wolf Security software.

New HP Color LaserJet Series For Small Businesses

HP said the new Color LaserJet devices for small businesses offer “groundbreaking performance” with “fast, two-sided color printing and scanning” in a compact design.

This results in 25 percent faster print speeds for the LaserJet 4200 and 4300 products, compared with the previous generation of devices, according to HP. The printers are also able to produce high-quality color documents.

The printing offerings come with HP Smart Admin Dashboard, an all-in-one printer management tool for viewing, controlling and managing printers from a single display. They are also secured with the HP Wolf Security software.