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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s Top 5 Remarks From GTC 2022

Thomas Grillo

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang touts the ompany’s RTX 40-series GPUs, the Omniverse and other innovation at the online GPU Technology Conference.

Accompanied by a car racing video depicting all-terrain vehicles speeding and careening amid smoke, shadows, fire and dust, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang touted the company’s RTX 40-series GPUs, the Omniverse, and state-of-the-art graphics at the online GPU Technology Conference (GTC) Tuesday.

The cars, which he nicknamed Racer X, featured a simulation of future games that will run on a single GPU.

“Future games will not have prebaked worlds. … Racer X is running on one single GPU,” he said.

Powered by Nvidia’s next-generation Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the RTX 4090 will arrive on Oct. 12 and costs $1,599 while the RTX 4080, at $1,199, does not yet have a release date.

“Ada provides a quantum leap for gamers and paves the way for creators of fully simulated worlds,” Huang said. “With up to 4X the performance of the previous generation, Ada is setting a new standard for the industry.”

To make it happen, Huang said Nvidia engineers worked with chip contract manufacturing and design company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. [TSMC] to create the process optimized for GPUs.

“This process lets us integrate 76 billion transistors and over 18,000 CUDA cores, 70 percent more than the Ampere generation,” he said.

Here are five highlights from Huang’s keynote.


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