WWT, Moogsoft Partner On AIOps

World Wide Technology's Advanced Technology Center is showing how Moogsoft's AIOps platform facilitates IT operations and devops, particularly around Cisco's AppDynamics application performance monitoring environments.


World Wide Technology is extending its AIOps, or artificial intelligence for IT operations, capabilities via a new partnership with Moogsoft as a way to give clients an opportunity to see how AIOps can impact application performance, particularly in Cisco AppDynamics environments.

As part of the partnership, World Wide Technology, or WWT, is making AIOps technology from San Francisco-based Moogsoft part of its Advanced Technology Center, a real-time IT environment which allows clients to try new technologies, said Tanner Bechtel, director of application performance monitoring and AIOps at the St. Louis-based solution provider.

For WWT, the Moogsoft relationship is more than just a vendor-reseller relationship, Bechtel told CRN.

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"With our ATC, we're not just showing AIOps," he said. "We're building it in real time to give our customers a chance to prove AIOps before they bring it to their environments. We're actually cross-training our own engineers and professional services people to use AIOps, and not just to use Moogsoft on its own. We want to deliver value to customers by helping them understand how AIOps exists in their environments."

A big part of that is WWT's close relationship with AppDynamics, the developer of cloud application and business monitoring technology which in 2017 was acquired by Cisco, Bechtel said.

"Moogsoft partners with Cisco and us," he said. "This gives us a strong base for application performance measurement and a platform to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to help clients."

There are a lot of vendors delivering parts of an application performance monitoring solution, but not the entire thing, Bechtel told CRN.

"We decided to bring it all together in our Advanced Technology Center," he said. "Our goal is to establish what the journey to AIOps is and what are the key components. And Moogsoft is a key component to that journey."

Moogsoft has over 50 patents in machine learning and artificial intelligence, making it an important part of the AIOps business, said Phil Tee, Moogsoft founder and CEO.

"Our innovations are strong in their ability to mine event streams to identify security issues and failures early, and allow customers to diagnose and find issue before they are impacted by them," Tee told CRN. "There are dozens of algorithms built into our platform."

A key use case in the partnership with WWT will be showing the importance of virtual network operating centers, or NOCs, particularly during the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Tee said.

Fortune 2000 companies have traditionally split their operations into a physical NOC where their devops people work, but COVID-19 now means devops people are not physically together, he said. For such clients, virtual NOCs are becoming increasingly important.

"We're seeing a lot of our customers looking at how to virtualize their NOCs and take operations out of physical rooms," he said. "Moogsoft lets developers share diagnostics and collaborate with other operators and support personnel. It allows isolated remote operators to feel they are in contact with their peers to facilitate collaboration and a brain trust."