Why AWS-Backed Tailwinds Is A Generative AI ‘Game-Changer’

AWS and Anthropic partner Innovative Solutions have created a generative AI ‘game-changer’ offering that enables any application to be AI-powered.


Innovative Solutions CEO Justin Copie

For around $20,000, businesses can leverage Innovative Solutions’ new AWS-backed Tailwinds generative AI offering that is turning heads in the industry with such a quick return on investment.

Health-care software company LivTech was able to quickly save six to seven figures on costs thanks to implementing Tailwinds in its claims processing, said Travis Rehl, senior vice president of product and services at AWS partner Innovative Solutions.

“Executives are being asked by the board, ‘What are you doing about generative AI?’ The answer is always, ‘I get a chatbot.’ In reality, that’s really skin deep and it’s not adding a lot of value or revenue to the business itself,” said Rehl.

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For customer LivTech, Tailwinds replicated its medical claims processing motion that took on average 45 minutes per employee, per claim. Tailwinds dropped that 45-minute process down to seconds.

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“They employ 80 people offshore to look at dozens of documents to make a decision: Should the claim go to ‘Option A’ or ‘Option B?’ We were able to get an AI solution to replicate that process in seconds versus a roughly 45-minute turnaround time per claim,” said Rehl. “It’s now a potential six- to almost seven-figure cost savings to their business that they can scale out to multiple other subsidiaries in different ways.”

Compared with typically taking around six figures of investment dollars for a company to get started on generative AI, Tailwinds is being offered for around $15,000 to $25,000.

AWS Bedrock And Anthropic Claude

Innovative Solutions is a fast-growing top regional AWS premier Tier Services Partner that signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS earlier this year. The Rochester N.Y.-based solution provider also partners with AI provider Anthropic via its AI-assistant chatbot Claude.

Built by Innovative Solutions and based on AWS Bedrock and Anthropic Claude technologies, Tailwinds enables business leaders and software engineers to use generative AI within their applications without the complexity, high cost and time associated with traditional software development.

“We built an entire architecture that’s pre-made and pre-approved by AWS. So it goes right on top of [an AWS customer’s] existing architecture,” said Rehl. “They can start implementing roughly 80 percent of typical gen AI use cases almost out of the gate.”

Tailwinds includes three components to accelerate product development using AI: a plug-and-play reference architecture based on Infrastructure as Code; an API library for utilizing Anthropic and AWS’ AI technologies; and a serverless environment for testing and sharing use case examples during the development process.

Tailwinds ROI

Innovative Solutions CEO Justin Copie said Tailwinds is a plug-and-play module that “lights up any application to be AI-powered.”

“So if it’s custom software and built 10 or 15 years ago, this is a very quick and easy way for a customer to experience real AI capability in that software with very little effort,” said Copie. “Then over the course of time, we can customize and enhance it. It’s just the right product, for the right time, for the right customer mix.”

In terms of fast ROI, Tailwinds takes roughly three weeks to implement. Rehl said that on average, it can take organizations about six months to create their own AI solution from scratch.

‘This Is Black Magic’

When Innovative Solutions was trialing Tailwinds with one particular customer, it was met with skepticism of generative AI.

“They were extremely skeptical as to the ROI. They’re like, ‘Nah, this is black magic. I don’t think this can be a thing,’” said Rehl.

“We literally pulled up a demo environment of the architecture. We had the customer give us some of their business context. We—on the fly on that board phone call—showed to their leadership team what the output could look like. Their jaws dropped,” he said. “They had no clue it could be this great. They assumed it was just another chatbot thing. When they realized that they could eliminate big annoying problems without having to overly invest in them, it was a light bulb moment. … It’s a game-changer.”

In a statement, AWS said Innovative Solutions is “democratizing gen AI” and making it accessible to customers without the requirement of deep technical resources and higher costs.

Innovative Solutions expects Tailwinds to account for roughly 25 percent of its business just one year from now.

“It’s got the propensity to just explode. Because every customer has got all this data and they want to understand how do they make more sense of the data, but they don’t want to hire teams of people to do that. They want they want to leverage technology to do that,” said Copie. “That’s precisely what gen AI is at the forefront of doing.”

With Tailwinds, Copie said Innovative Solutions is “pioneering a path to make generative AI accessible and efficient for all businesses.”