CRN Solution Provider 500: 21 Newcomers in 2021

Among the companies named to this year’s Solution Provider 500, 21 are joining the list for the first time.

The Newcomers

With the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic disruption, 2020 was a tough year for launching a business. And yet such times of upheaval, when many things are changing and the old ways of doing business don’t work, can create opportunities for young companies with new idea and new approaches.

This year’s Solution Provider 500, the annual ranking of the largest solution providers by revenue in North America, includes 21 newcomers to the list. That’s fewer than in recent years—not surprising, perhaps given the turmoil of the past year. But that makes these newcomers all the more worth noting. This year’s newcomers include Trox (No. 60), 22nd Century Technologies (No. 88) and T-Rex Solutions (No. 99).

The channel is a key component of the overall IT industry, evidenced by the $403 billion in revenue generated last year by the companies that make up the 2021 edition of the CRN Solution Provider 500.

CHIPS Technology Group

2021 Rank: 494

Top Executive: Evan Leonard, President

Location: Syosset, N.Y.

Onyx Government Services

2021 Rank: 492

Top Executive: Ken Jensen, President

Location: Fairfax, Va.

Omada Technologies

2021 Rank: 490

Top Executive: Richard Stover, Director of Finance and Operations

Location: Portsmouth, N.H.

Dynamic Quest

2021 Rank: 486

Top Executive: Javier Gomez, CEO

Location: Greensboro, N.C.


2021 Rank: 480

Top Executive: Peter Lilley, CEO

Location: Redwood City, Calif.

DVBE Technology Group

2021 Rank: 478

Top Executive: Richard McKinnon, CEO

Location: Sacramento, Calif.

Edafio Technology Partners

2021 Rank: 463

Top Executive: Kenny Kinley, President, CEO

Location: Little Rock, Ark.

Kaizen Technology Partners

2021 Rank: 458

Top Executive: Dao Jensen, CEO

Location: San Francisco

Abadi Group

2021 Rank: 437

Top Executive: Chuck Abadi, President

Location: West Long Beach, N.J.

Intuitive Technology Partners

2021 Rank: 436

Top Executive: Jay Modh, CEO

Location: Edison, N.J.

EnfoPoint Solutions

2021 Rank: 431

Top Executive: Mark Robinson, CEO

Location: Brentwood, Tenn.

Hub Tech

2021 Rank: 429

Top Executive: Joseph Lovetere, President

Location: South Easton, Mass.

Comstar Technologies

2021 Rank: 415

Top Executive: David Johnson, President

Location: West Chester, Pa.


2021 Rank: 391

Top Executive: Dan Newton, CEO

Location: Eatontown, N.J.


2021 Rank: 328

Top Executive: Ed Walton, CEO

Location: Covington, Ky.

AbleVets, a Cerner company

2021 Rank: 258

Top Executive: Rich Lowell, VP, Strategy

Location: Chantilly, Va.


2021 Rank: 178

Top Executive: Sean Kennedy, President

Location: Westlake, Ohio

CCI Systems

2021 Rank: 126

Top Executive: John Jamar, President, CEO

Location: Iron Mountain, Mich.

T-Rex Solutions

2021 Rank: 99

Top Executive: Seth Moore, President, CEO

Location: Greenbelt, Md.

22nd Century Technologies

2021 Rank: 88

Top Executive: Anil Sharma, CEO

Location: Somerset, N.J.


2021 Rank: 60

Top Executive: Erez Pikar, CEO

Location: Phoenix