Michael Dell On ‘Embracing Developers’ And Multi-Cloud Future

Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell highlighted his $101 billion company’s multi-cloud vision, developer future and support for Ukraine during his keynote speech at Dell Technologies World 2022 today.

Michael Dell Delivers Keynote At Dell Technologies World 2022

Dell Technologies CEO and founder Michael Dell stood on stage in front of thousands of people at Dell Technologies World 2022 to deliver his keynote address, focusing on Dell’s multi-cloud vision, “embracing developers” and the company’s “next leap forward.”

“Collectively, you are a force and we are so grateful to be succeeding alongside all of you,” said Dell during his keynote speech at Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas today in front of thousands of channel partners, shareholders and customers. “At Dell Technologies, we are aligning our ecosystem, our advantages, our investments, and our innovation, with your big opportunities. We’re already solving the problems that can stand in your way. That alignment is a powerful force in creating value across all our stakeholders: from our customers to our communities.”

The Round Rock, Texas-based PC and infrastructure giant unleashed a slew of new offerings during the first day of Dell Technologies World 2022—from new solutions with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to its new cybersecurity Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services.

Michael Dell acknowledged that it was the first time in years that the $101 billion company has hosted an in-person Dell Technologies World due to the global pandemic.

“It’s wonderful to see all of you. It’s wonderful to be back. Thank you for being here,” said Dell. “Dell Technologies World is your show, to highlight the incredible work that we’ve accomplished together, and to take the time to look ahead at your greatest challenges and opportunities. Above all, it’s a chance to say, ‘Thank you for letting us be your partner in changing the world. Thank you for the trust that you place in all of us at Dell.’”

CRN breaks down the five most important statements made by Michael Dell during his keynote speech at Dell Technologies World today from making Dell’s infrastructure programmable to his support of Ukraine.

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Dell Is ‘Making Our Infrastructure Programmable’

Michael Dell said his company is embracing developers in a huge way in order to make its giant infrastructure portfolio more programmable.

“We’re embracing high levels of automation, making our infrastructure programmable to fully support containers and modern applications with developer requirements like Kubernetes, Tanzu, and OpenShift,” said Dell. “Containerized apps are really transforming IT and modern application. We are partnering closely with VMware to deploy Tanzu to transform how you build, deliver, manage, and securely run your applications with consistent operations across private, public and edge locations.”

Dell said his company’s consumption-based as-a-service Apex portfolio will make life easier for developers.

“With Apex, we are making everything available as services—focused on outcomes, easily accessible to developers, speeding time market, and speeding innovation,” said Dell. “But the epicenter of focus for many customers is changing from infrastructure to developers. And we’re embracing developers making all of our solutions API-driven, and developer ready.”

On-Premise Versus Off-Premise ‘Debate Is Over’

Michael Dell said the technology debate of cloud versus on-premise “is over.”

“Look, the on-prem versus off-prem debate is over. The future is multi-cloud with workloads and data flowing seamlessly across the entire environment,” said Dell. “Today, 90 percent of customers already have both on-prem and public cloud environments, and 75 percent are using three or four different clouds.”

To boost Dell’s multi-cloud future, the company launched two new offerings in partnership with cloud leaders AWS and Azure. Dell boosted access to its data protection offerings for public clouds with the release of Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure. Dell also unveiled its new CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS offering, which allows customers to use adaptive analytics, scan metadata and complete files, as well as implement machine learning and forensic tools to detect, diagnose and speed data recovery.

“At Dell, we have spent decades putting you our customers at the center of an enormous technology ecosystem, and we are hard at work innovating the technologies and building the ecosystem to enable true multi-cloud,” said Dell.

Dell’s Strengths Bring ‘Enormous Advantages’ To Multi-Cloud World

Michael Dell said his company’s strengths in storage, servers, hyperconverged infrastructure, PCs and supply chain help deliver a true multi-cloud environment for customers.

“At Dell Technologies, we are innovating the technologies and building the ecosystem of the future to deliver multi-cloud. … Along with the strength of our ecosystem, we bring enormous advantages,” said Dell. “We are No. one [market leader] all in one place. Number one across every area of technology—from PCs to cloud. The industries strongest and most resilient supply chain. An unmatched capability in global services. Tremendous innovation to solve unsolved problems. A direct salesforce of more than 30,000 strong. Expert at building customer relationships and understanding your goals and opportunities.”

Dell also highlighted Dell Technologies’ army of “more than 200,000 partners, helping our customers innovate and localize and deliver value to businesses in every corner of the world.”

Dell Technologies generated a record-breaking $101 billion in revenue for its fiscal year 2022, representing a 17 percent increase in total sales year over year.

Edge Is ‘The Next Fronter’ Where Data Is Key; 5G A ‘Huge Catalyst’

Michael Dell said edge computing is, “the next frontier where data becomes competitive advantage immediately at the point of creation.”

“Anything you want to do in today’s world, from blockchain to the Metaverse, and autonomous vehicles and robotics to smart everything, space exploration, AI, drug discovery, AR/VR—all of these things consume and create tremendous amounts of distributed data, and distributed computing power,” said Dell.

“Ten percent of the data in the world today is processed outside of data centers. But by 2025, 75 percent of enterprise data will be processed outside of a traditional centralized data center or cloud,” said Dell. “5G mobile networks to handle the volume of data at the edge, are a huge catalyst for that growth. And because workloads follow data, the distributed future will be much bigger than you can imagine.”


Michael Dell has voiced his support of Ukraine several times over the past few months since Russia’s invasion, including donating $15 million to support Ukraine families in dire need of help via his Michael Dell & Susan Dell Foundation.

“Before we close, I want to acknowledge the violence in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all of those affected during this extremely difficult time and so is our support,” said Dell. “Our [Michael Dell & Susan Dell] Foundation is providing support for the medical needs of families and resettled support for the millions of refugees. And just in the last year, our Dell team members have collectively generated more than $32 million in support in their communities for the causes that they most care about.”

Michael Dell said he was “very proud of our team and collectively their actions strengthen our culture, and earn your trust.”